Automated Knights (AutoKnights) are the latest dungeon crawling sensation, allowing you to plunder the depths of a dungeon with no risk to yourself - sounds great, right?  Simply issue commands via the handy AutoKnights Control Panel, and watch 'em go! They're currently in beta, so all your knights execute all the instructions you send... I hope that's okay...


  • Developer: Matthew Crossley
  • Release Date: 23rd June 2019
  • Platforms: Windows / Browser (experimental)
  • Price: Free


  • A puzzle turn-based strategy game with repetition as a core mechanic!
  • FOUR  floors of handcrafted automated fun and danger and one might even be impossible that are verifiably winnable!
  • Randomly generated floors that may or may be balanced at all!
  • An interface with animations, animations!
  • A basic prototype which might be expanded on in the future...


AutoKnights was made for a student-run Game Jam at Manchester Metropolitan University.  The theme was 'repetition', and AutoKnights attempts to embody this with the mechanic of all the player's knights executing the same instruction set.

Each floor has a number of creeps (red) which must be destroyed before moving on to the next floor, and each creep also has a movement pattern to strike back against the AutoKnights.  If a Knight takes an attack, it's down and out for this floor - and watch out, your AutoKnights don't know friend from foe!


16th July 2019: Added a new enemy type, traps and a reset button!

26th June 2019: Testing out a browser export embedded on the Itch page.

25th June 2019: A few minor bug fixes, added randomly generated floors after the initial few are completed. No difficulty curve, anything goes, hooray!

24th June 2019: Clearer functionality of the delete instruction buttons, including better wording and disabled/enabling when they can/can't be used.

23rd June 2019: Prototype released!


Game Design, Programming, etc.: Matthew Crossley


Install instructions

Extract the zip file, and run AutoKnights.exe


AutoKnights (downloadable) 11 MB

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